"Battle for the Badge"
by: Fishy

Original: "Battle (VS Gym Leader)" (all Pokémon games)

Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 (right-click, "Save link/target as...," win)

Fishy: Let's face it, if you sucked at Pokémon as much as me, then the gym leaders were the bane of your life. Luckily, they all had this awesome piece of music to keep you hanging in there while you watch every single one of your pokemon get Thunderbolted into oblivion (even your precious Gyarados; of which the time you spent evolving it is becoming harder and harder to justify). If it's any consolation, you can now watch your Charmander scratch away at that Onix in a ritualistic exercise in futility while rocking out to this guitar-driven arrangement of the gym leader battle theme. Enjoy.