"Blue Haze"
by: Rozovian, WillRock

Original: "Road to Viridian City - From Pallet" (Route #1) [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow]

Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 (right-click, "Save link/target as...," win)

Rozovian: When I started talking about this mix with Will, he said there hadn't been a Route 1 remix in the works for the project. Ever. However, just after Will posted a WIP of this, ProtoDome wrote and posted "Rain Prayer." I wanted Will to collab with me on this as he has some great solos skills that really made this mix realize its full potential.

WillRock: When I started this remix, there hadn't been a route 1 remix. However, quite literally within 5 minutes of me posting a work in progress of this track, ProtoDome posted "Rain Prayer" - finished. The inspiration from this remix was to take the rather jolly theme and just turn it inside out and create a dark and moody atmosphere. I asked Rozovian to collab with me on this as he had some great sounds that really helped this mix to realize its full potential.