"My Greatest Rival"
by: Jaroban

Original: "Battle! Rival" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 (right-click, "Save link/target as...," win)

The Damned: One would think Jaroban did this as a challenge to the panel that voted on each remix. "Let's see how many bad puns and double entendres I can put in a remix without anyone noticing." We did notice, Jaroban, and we liked it anyway.

Jaroban: I set out to create the mutant lovechild of the "Rival Battle" theme from Gold/Silver/Crystal and the original title song from the anime, since I have a great fondness for both the games and the show. Thank you to all the people that helped me complete this daunting collaboration.

Jaroban - Producer, arranger, lyrics, bass, vocals, additional guitars, sequencing
Matt Beckemeyer - Lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Fishy - Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Sam Cooper - Vocals
Vralia - Vocals
Jocelyn Holst - Vocals
DJ Krisp-E - Vocals
Chris Stibrany - Additional programming, mastering