"Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is..."
by: ProtoDome

Original: "Hearthome City (Day)" [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]

Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 (right-click, "Save link/target as...," win)

ProtoDome: WORST PUN EVAR. Well at least it’s not as bad as "Bullet for My Piloswine" (my creation by the way). I’m particularly fond of this one actually, the only thing real here is the Sax. This is probably my most favourite (Huh? It does too have a U in it,) Pokémon track of Diamond and Pearl. I remember the day I went back into high school to collect my final results and my friends and me were playing this track really loudly down the street and singing alon- oh yeah, that is pretty sad actually. Wow, *reminisces* School was a long time ago… Damn, nostalgia. Hey! Diamond and Pearl is already nostalgic! That makes it cool!!