"Bullet for My Piloswine"
by: halc, ProtoDome, WillRock

Original: "Route #225 (Day)" [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]
Ending" [Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal]

Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 (right-click, "Save link/target as...," win)

halc: This turned out to be mostly a WillRock joint, but it was fun to contribute and collaborate along with him and Proto. I'm very glad we actually used that audio clip at the beginning. :P

ProtoDome: Ah, that sound clip was discovered at a rather entertaining new years party listening to the Pokémon Christmas Bash album. At the conception of this collab we excitedly expressed our undying love for 225 and how we’d all contribute massive sections. To cut a long story short Weelrawk did most of it.

WillRock: Route 225 was in my opinion the best track in Diamond and Pearl. There are hints of 80's Rock, Chiptune, and Jazz elements all thrown in this remix.I'd been listening to lots of Journey so my rock sections were heavily inspired by their music. I hope you guys enjoy this one, a lot of work went into it.