"May I Have This Swords Dance?"
by: ProtoDome

Original: Canalave City (Day) [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]

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ProtoDome: May I Have This Swords Dance? No. You cannot. In fact, how do Pokémon even 'Swords Dance?' And how does it raise attack? Oops, just started a sentence with 'and' there, I'm leaving it in though, stick it to the man. I like this one, LIVE SAXOPHONE! Hurray. Naow imma get all teh shm3xeh wimenz: "O PROTOS U PLAI SAX UR AWSUM." So yeah, I think I actually wanted to tribute some Diamond and Pearl stuff seeing as that's my most played of the Pokémon games. 300+ hours. FUN FACT: My favourite Pokémon is Gallade and Scizor! And Mantine is cute- NO! SUKERN IS CUTEST.