Common Name: The Damned

  Real Name: Gerry Wheatley

  External Info: Click Here

Hailing from Canada Town, The Damned began his journey with only a few Poké Balls and a lot of Rare Candies. Unfortunately, Rare Candies have very different effects on humans. After a long rest at the nearest hospital, he traveled not-quite-so far and almost-but-not-really wide to battle and capture a crack team of Pokémon remixers, more commonly known as Pokémixers. Ready to do his bidding at any instant (if they aren't collaborating together on a song), they can use Sing, Rock Blast, and other vaguely music-related attacks to create powerful musical attacks on those he encounters. Sadly, most other Trainers want to fight, not put on a concert, so the number of battles he has won is slightly below average.

Favorite Food: Rare Candy pizza
Favorite Pokémon: Banette and Cradily
Favorite Place: That spot between Route 110 and Route 204