Ahh, Pokémon. How many days, afternoons and nights were spent on this series? This tiny little world, right in your hands, filled with amazing creatures with fantastic powers. You were given a friend and mission, and then sent out into the world. No parents to send you to bed, no teachers to make you do homework... just open fields, friends at your side, and the freedom to go and do what you wanted. In your journeys, you fought monsters, defeated the bad guys, rescued the townfolk, crossed the ocean, and still had enough time to play the slots. You were the champion, a hero to all... and it was your world!

Even though more than a decade has passed since we first set our eyes upon those little creatures, we still love to play with them. The series has created so many fond memories for us. Who can forget the first time they stepped out into the grass ouside of Pallet Town and ran into a Pidgey? How many hours did we spend exploring and mapping out the underwater tunnels of Hoenn's seas? Will you, years from now, look back upon rescuing the Lake Trio from Team Galactic and recall how glad you felt they were now safe? I bet you will.

The music of Pokémon comes as varied and imaginative as the world it's set in. It's sad, happy, quick and light, heavy and fearsome, and all of it deserving of more attention. The Missingno Tracks is a tribute to the music of the games. We've given the songs new twists, lryics to convey the feelings behind them, and played with them like we would with a Pokémon friend. We give this to you, the Trainers, so that you may enjoy them again.

Thank you for playing all this time and most certainly thank you for listening!

-Gerry Wheatley (The Damned)
Project Director

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