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Nintendo is the company behind some of the most popular and recognizable video games in the industry. From Mario to Zelda, from the NES to the Wii, Nintendo has been at the forefront of the video game world.
Pokémon landed in the hands and hearts of gamers in 1996, and GAME FREAK has never lost steam. With an impressive array of core titles and a slew of spin-offs, Pokémon has become the second most-profitable game franchise of all time. GAME FREAK is also the developer behind the Game Boy Camera, Pulseman, and Mario & Wario.
Poké is the official website of the Pokémon franchise of video games. Since its 1996 debut on the Game Boy, Pokémon has sold over 200 million games and spawned numerous television shows, movies, toys, and comics. is a well known source for information on the anime and games of the Pokémon franchise. It is updated on an almost daily basis and its popular feature is Pokéarth, a complete listing of all in-game trainers and catchable Pokémon in every city and route of the Pokémon universe.
Bulbapedia is a MediaWiki installation run by Bulbagarden for the purpose of creating a Pokémon-focused encyclopedia. It is overseen by an editorial board and is part of Encyclopaediae Pokémonis.